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It doesn't matter where you are in Edmonton, St. Albert. Sherwood Park or Alberta - Our team of paving contractors are ready to mobilize to pave or repair your asphalt.


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Asphalt Paving

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Gravel driveways suffer from both dust and mud, creating an ongoing nuisance. Asphalt paving creates a smooth surface, environmentally friendly surface that does not get dusty or muddy as the weather changes.

Learn more about asphalt paving.

Tar & Chip Paving

chip paving

Tar and chip paving is a cheaper alternative to asphalt paving. It is created by pouring hot liquid asphalt over a gravel base. The next step is to coating the asphalt with loose stones, which are then rolled into the asphalt to form a solid finished surface.

Learn more about tar and chip paving.

Seal Coating & Crack Filling

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Over time, your asphalt can become cracked due to it becoming oxidized. Seal coating fills this crack with a rubberized substance, thus preventing liquids from seeping into and further damaging your asphalt.

Learn more about seal coating and crack filling.

Family Owned & Operated For Over 3 Generations

Alberta's weather is very harsh on your asphalt or paved surfaces. That's why we maintain a team of asphalt contractors ready to provide service to Edmonton. We know that each year that there will be asphalt that needs to be repaved or re-sealed.

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So Far in 2018 We've...

Meters Of Road


And More Cracks

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Our family has been paving the roads, driveways and parking lots for three generations. You’ve probably seen our work before, because we have been all over Alberta. In 2018, we did thousands of hours of paving work in Calgary, Edmonton, and other cities across Alberta.

Count on Ram Paving Ltd when you need the job done right.

We Back Our Work

If the job isn't done right, then the job isn't finished. We will come back and fix any mistakes we make.

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Asphalt pavement is a big investment to make. As such, we strive to put no pressure on you during our free estimate process. We want you to choose us because you feel we are the best company for the job.

Transparent Quoting & Servicing

Being transparent during our quoting and servicing process empowers our customers to know where their money is going. We know that by doing right by you, you'll refer your friends and family when they need us.


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